This Site Is Now Dedicated To

Herman Shanker

Who Sadly Passed Away 
November 6th, 2012 At The Age Of 98.

He fought many battles with skin cancer, since his years spent overseas in the South Pacific during World War 2. In May of this year, 2012, he was diagnosed with Melonoma in his Lymph Nodes in his neck.  Between August and Sept it spread to his brain, leaving him partially paralized on his right side, depriving him of his speech and in five short weeks, he was gone.

This is a public thank you to all who loved and supported his efforts to see that other Veterans were taken care of.

This site is also Dedicated to 
Jason Michael Butkus

who was killed August 30th, 2007
while serving his country in Iraq.
Thank you.

 VFW POST 226 

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Glen J. Flora - Founder
Joseph Kennedy - Curator
16 - 18 West 9th Street
201 858-1416

 Joyce-Herbert V.F.W. Post 226 Officers for 2012-2013

         Post Commander - Glen J. Flora - Founder of Joyce-Herbert V.F.W. Post 226 Veterans Military Museum
         Post Senior Vice Commander  - Joseph Kennedy - Curator of Joyce-Herbert V.F.W. Post 226 Veterans MilitaryMuseum
         Post Junior Vice Commander - Herman Shanker
         Post Quartermaster - Robert Geis
         Post Chaplain - Douglas Kuenzle
         Post Adjutant - Louis Giovanni
         Post  Service Officer - Glen J. Flora
         Post Judge Advocate - Michael Ransom
         Post Surgeon - LTC John "Jack" Smith, M.D.

Joyce-Herbert V.F.W. Post 226 Monthly Meetings are conducted every 2nd Thursday
of every month from 7:30 p.m.  at Post Headquarters located at
16-18 West 9th Street, Bayonne, NJ  07002 (between Broadway and Avenue C).

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Military Museum Memorabilia
Panorama View

Article Online NJ.COM

Bayonne's Joyce-Herbert VFW Post 226 Museum seeks donations
connected with town's military history
Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Joyce-Herbert VFW Post 226 Museum in Bayonne is looking for exhibits
 and items related to Bayonne's Military history.
 The museum is looking for photographs, uniforms, equipment,
pamphlets, documents, oral histories, or similar artifacts.

The Post 226 Museum is filled with military weapons, uniforms,
and other artifacts from the Civil War,First and Second world wars,
Vietnam, Gulf War, and Operation Iraqi Freedom, among others.

"We are asking for donations from the community and people
who have any information in connection with the military history of Bayonne,
as we are in the process of building a new display,
 full of new donations," Commander Glen J. Flora said.

For more information, call (201) 858-1416
 Article Online NJ.COM


V.F.W. Post 226
Commander Glen J. Flora
stands before an exhibit
in the post's museum.

Bayonne VFW POST 226

Herman Shanker, 97,
served as a bomber pilot
during World War II,
stands beside his the uniform
he wore during his service,
and a black-and-white picture
of himself at the time.


Bayonne officials at the
Joyce-Herbert VFW Post 224
Museum have again put out
a call for artifacts of
Bayonne military history, 
including photographs, uniforms,
flags, medals, and even mannequins.

The museum, located within
the nearly 100 year-old post, 
includes thousands of artifacts,
pictures, and uniforms of local
military servicemen, including 
their medals, dog tags, and even
several telegrams that notified
family members of a
soldier's death in combat.

Virtually every war is represented
at the museum, according to
Commander Glen J. Flora,
who helped open the museum
roughly seven years ago.

Flora, along with several
military veterans also provide
school kids with museum tours
and lectures several times
a month.

"What's better than teaching
(the kids) their history --
why they're free," 
he said of the collection.
"There were a lot of veterans
that were really heroes here. 
There were pilots that went down
in World War II."

 One of those men is,
Herman Shanker, 97,
of Bayonne, who served
as a bomber pilot
in World War II.

Drafted on June 18, 1943 --
his birthday -- Shanker speaks
to students about his service,
including getting shot down
while flying missions
during the war.

"I flew 27 missions,
I got shot down twice,"
Shanker said. "Once over
New Guinea, once over
the ocean."
"We floated around for
three hours in the water."


Post Surgeon - LTC John "Jack" Smith, M.D.
The museum is open
Every Saturday
from 12 - 4 p.m. to the public.
There is no charge
to view the exhibits,
but donations are accepted.

For more information, call 
(201) 858-1416.

 Article Online NJ.Com

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 Thank you from V.F.W. Post 226

 Bayonne’s VFW Museum to accept military-related artifacts
from local residents, veterans entertain students with battle stories

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