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"Never Forget" Say Thank You to a Veteran
Joyce - Herbert V.F.W. Post 226 Veterans Museum

Groups that have participated while visiting the Museum over the Past two years:
(Link to Visitors Photos)
(Regularly being Updated)

Partial Listing of Prior Visiting Groups Over The Last Few Years

8th grade E.S.L. class from Dr. Walter F. Robinson School
John M. Bailey 8th graders
Horace Mann 7th & 8th graders
Lincoln Community School - 6th graders
Mary Jane Donohue - 6th graders
Mary Jane Donohue - 7th graders
Midtown School 8th graders
Henry Harris 8th graders
Philip P. Vroom 5th graders
Mary J. Donohue 6th graders
Lincoln Community School - 5th graders & 6th graders
Philip Vroom School - 7th graders
Dr.  Walter F. Robinson School - 8th graders
Washington Community School Special Students
John M. Bailey 8th Graders
Washington Community School 8th graders
Philip Vroom School - 6th graders
Philip Vrooom School - 5th graders
PS #14 - 7th graders
Henry E. Harris School - 6th graders
Bayonne Cub Scouts - Pack 25
Lincoln Community School 6th graders
PS#14 - 8th graders
PS #14 - 6th graders
PS#14 - 5th graders
PS#14 - 5th & 6th graders
Midtown Community School - 8th graders
Pythygorean Group of students from Dover, Camden, Paterson, Newark, etc.
Woodrow Wilson 8th graders
Horace Mann 7th graders Social Studies Class
Woodrow Wilson 6th graders
Nicholas Oresko 8th graders
Lincoln Community School 5th graders
Vroom 5th graders
Vets Center group
Dr. Walter F. Robinson School - 8th graders


Thank you, vets
Mar 21, 2012
To the Editor:

To veterans Glen Flora, Joe Kennedy, and Mark Giannullo:

As you know, our English teacher gave us lists of questions about Bayonne from the 1800s until now.
We had to research online for many things.
However, the majority of our work was conducting live interviews with citizens of Bayonne.
Our favorite part of the research was the part we spent with you.

Thank you for allowing us to visit your museum.
Since we had to give back answers in the form of a book, we needed photographs.
Thank you for posing for all of our pictures. We loved your museum on Ninth Street.
We all found it very interesting. It was incredibly informative.
We learned so much from the exhibits and from you.
You were very hospitable on the Saturdays that we visited.

The museum has a great atmosphere.
It is hard to believe that all of the things in that museum are from soldiers who left Bayonne to fight in all of those wars.
We especially loved all of the old photographs and uniforms.
Looking at all of the interesting artifacts was like watching a movie.
Thank you to all of the veterans who fought so that we can live in freedom in the city of Bayonne.

Thank you so much, again.


Bayonne High School

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‘You will not be disappointed’
Feb 15, 2012
To the Editor:

Dear Bayonne community,

I would like to raise awareness for an often forgotten cause – our veterans. They have fought for our country and our freedoms.
Thousands of veterans lost their lives and thousands more have been severely wounded protecting our nation.
We need to remember to honor and respect the soldiers who fought for us.
Veterans have done so much for our country, and we can’t forget what they have done for us.

My eighth grade class recently went on a field trip to the Joyce-Herbert VFW Post No. 226 on Ninth Street.
Most people in Bayonne probably pass by the building all the time, but don’t know it is there.
During the program, I learned about the hardships and emotions the soldiers went through on the battlefield
from a panel of veterans who had served in Vietnam, Korea, and even World War II.
The stories were heartbreaking but inspiring.
At the museum, I saw old weapons, uniforms, and other interesting military artifacts.

I suggest every citizen of Bayonne go and visit during their Saturday hours because there is so much to learn.
I also feel that the VFW Post is a little bit underfunded.
Donations to the veterans would help Post No. 226 continue their service to those who served our country, as well as their education of the community.
If you go visit the Joyce-Herbert Veterans Museum, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


On behalf of the John M. Bailey School Class of 2012

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Thank you from V.F.W. Post 226
May 11, 2011
To the Editor:

This is a heartfelt thank you from Commander Glen J. Flora of the Joyce-Herbert V.F.W. Post 226 to our grammar school students of
the Bayonne community schools, All Saints Catholic Academy, Cub Scout Pack No. 25, and members of the community.
It is with great pleasure that I reach out to thank each and every student, teacher, parent, family and community member, and friends,
for their support in our “Never Forget” Veterans’ Museum education lecture and tour since its inception in 2007.

Thank you to All Saints Catholic Academy, John M. Bailey School, Dr. Walter F. Robinson School, Lincoln Community School,
Midtown Community School, Nicholas Oresko School, Mary J. Donohoe School, Philip G. Vroom School, Henry E. Harris School,
Washington Community School, Woodrow Wilson School, Cub Scout Pack No. 25,
and students from Dover, Camden, Newark, and Paterson New Jersery schools.

Thank you to the following for making our program a success: Commander and Founder Glen J. Flora, Curator Joseph Kennedy, speakers Herman Shanker,
former mayor Richard Rutkowski, district three V.F.W. Commander Ralph Corno, V.F.W. Post Commander Tony Goodson, Frank Perrucci,
Chuck Gallagher, Louis Giovanni, and Dr. Major Jack Smith; Frank Murphy, Patrick McCall, Mark Giannullo, Stephen Shanker, and Jackie George Esq.
We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for the donations, thank you letters and arm bands for troops
from Bailey School eighth graders, and for personal letters and posters created by the students.

Thank you for supporting V.F.W. Post 226.


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Thank you Commander Glen Flora and staff
Aug 11, 2010
To the Editor:

I would like to publicly acknowledge VFW Commander Glen Flora and his staff, Joe Kennedy and my lifelong friend,
Mark Giannullo, for sharing their war experiences so profoundly during my students’ recent visit to the Post.
They have created an educational gem on Ninth Street in Bayonne. After visiting on my own, I suggested this as an optional interview skills activity.

The museum, which faces Ninth Street in a brown building with an American flag outside, is only open on Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.
The students learned a valuable lesson about sacrifice and patriotism. I have often spoken of my own mother’s service.
The students located her picture with her twin brother, Hubert Sharkey, on his P.T. boat, being honored by Eleanor Roosevelt. Now, the students understand.

The individual 8 x 10 portraits of the service men and women from Bayonne are spectacular.
We knew many of the faces. During the visit, Glen and his staff dressed the students in helmets and actually showed them how to hold rifles.
World War II wheelchair-bound visitors spoke about the horror of war and their deep sense of national pride.
All veterans graciously answered questions and became visibly moved while remembering their war buddies.
The father of one of my students actually joined the Post during his visit.
He is a Vietnam Vet who will now be afforded a place to talk to other veterans and gain legal and medical advice.
Additionally, his son joined the Marines recently. I urge all citizens to view this wonderful exhibit.
Families have donated pictures, uniforms, medals, love letters, telegrams, weapons, and army food – military-issued artifacts that one only sees in the movies.
The veterans spent hours just talking and showing the students each and every corner of that museum.
The boys recorded their visit and held the rest of the class mesmerized on Monday.

Thank you again, Commander Glen Flora and staff, for your creativity, your hard work, your time, and most of all, for sacrificing your lives.
I hope that our BHS students returning from Iraq will seek and find solace in these three wonderful men at the war museum on Ninth Street.


Daughter of 2nd Lt. Ann Sharkey Hurley, WWII Army Nursing Corps.

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